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Thermal Mug Manufacturers

ThermalMate is a leading manufacturer of a variety of thermal mugs and cup holders. Keep your cold drinks cool or your hot drinks warm, with our range of custom-designed, Australian-manufactured products. Whether you are having a party, a barbeque, or giving away a prize or a gift, look no further than ThermalMate. Contact us for all your thermal mug requirements.

Our cups come in three sizes; 250ml, 350ml and 700ml for your convenience. All products contain thermal qualities with a unique insulating airlock between the inner and outer skins, which will keep your beverages hot or cold for extended periods.?We also supply vehicle adaptors that clip to the base of the mug to fit in your drink holders while travelling in your car, truck, boat etc…

Our product range includes:

Thermal Insulated Mugs

Drink bottles

All our products can be custom printed to meet your unique requirements.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard of quality as well as our commitment to operating an eco-friendly business.?Our mugs are made of 100% recyclable polypropylene material and all of our products are BPA-free.

Contact ThermalMate today for all your thermal mug and drink bottle requirements.